Thursday, Mar 15, 2012

Delicious Mint

This month we're on a sugar high and excited for a fresh take on green. Pastel colors are going to be big this spring, but Delicious Mint is the trendiest of the bunch. This frosty tint is a yummy mix between blue and green and has light and soft flavor. We love mint paired with metal tones of gold, silver and bronze as well as with other pastels. And don't forget the most famous duo of Mint and Chocolate Chip. Delicious Mint is a perfect sundae of casual modern & subdued elegance, so fun, you can skip the cherry on top.

Mint Green Stacy Garcia Color of the Month

3 Tasty Tips to try with Delicious Mint:

1. Use the mint in your spring wardrobe to inspire a revamp of your bedroom.

Mint Inspired by your Wardrobe

2. Have fun with an monochromatic palette. Another green we’ve been seeing is Kelly. Mix with mint for a fun, fresh combination.

Monochromatic Green

3. Accessorize! Yourself, Your home, Your Dog. Mint is EVERYWHERE.

Mint Accessories




Nombuso Dlamini said on 2012-05-16

Love the layout and the presentation. Everything's is just too sweet. Love it.

Mary R Powell said on 2012-05-10

Looking forward to your newsletter.


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